Vapman vapcase - amaranth

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Compatible with all vapman models

Introducing the VapCase, your Vapman's perfect travel companion.

A must have for all vapman enthusiasts

With its compact dimensions that effortlessly vanish into your pocket and a premium wood finish for a satisfying haptic feel, this case not only accommodates your Vapman but also provides space for a small herb container, concentrate screen, cleaning brush, and the essential filling funnel. Meticulously crafted with precision and featuring a robust construction, the VapCase boasts a secure locking mechanism powered by two strong neodymium magnets, ensuring enduring durability. It complements your vapman not just in functionality but also in aesthetics, giving your Vapman the distinguished honor it deserves. Experience the epitome of style and convenience – discover the VapCase for yourself!

Product specification


3.15" x 2.36" x 1.02"


Vapman, concentrate screen, filling funnel, herb container

closing mechanism

Neodymium magnet

wood types

walnut, yew, olive, padouk and amaranth wood

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