Vapman heating station

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Upgrade your vapman to the next level. Its sleek design combined with the highest level of technology enables effortless temperature-controlled heating for a truly unique vaping experience.

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Heating station

Olive green - olive wood

heating station vapman, inhale vaporizers

Power adapter

White - premium wall mount power adapter with the fitting plug type of your country

About the vapman heating station

The vapman heating station offers precise temperature-controlled heating, ensuring your herbs are heated to perfection without the risk of burning. Meticulously crafted with fine handwork, natural materials, and a sleek design, it blends timeless aesthetics with modern electronics for a durable and enjoyable user experience.

dimensions & weight

60 x 120mm - 400g

heat-up time & temperature range

3-5 seconds, 160°C/320°F to 230°C/450°F

main materials

olive wood, stainless steel, aluminium, glass


auto switch off, precise temperature control, sophisticated interface



Best quality & premium materials


Heat-up time

140 - 230 °C

Accurate temperature control

savour the flavor


Sophisticated interface

Effortlessly fine-tune and monitor the temperature, ensuring precise heating for your herbs. The intuitive design seamlessly integrates modern technology with user-friendly functionality, allowing you to customize your vaping experience with ease. Elevate your sessions with the cutting-edge sophistication of the vapman heating station's interface.


Fast & even heating

Experience swift and uniform heating with the vapman heating station. Engineered for efficiency, it rapidly reaches the ideal temperature, allowing you to enjoy your herbs without delay. The advanced heating technology ensures an even distribution of heat, maximizing the extraction of flavors and active compounds. Say goodbye to uneven heating issues – the vapman heating station guarantees a consistently satisfying vaping experience, making every session a seamless and flavorful delight.


Timeless design & premium build quality

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance and premium craftsmanship of the vapman heating station. Its exquisite design, a fusion of fine handwork and natural materials, reflects a commitment to lasting quality. Meticulously crafted with precision, this device seamlessly integrates modern electronics into its sleek form, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and durability. The vapman heating station is not just a power source; it's a statement of enduring style and superior build quality that will accompany you through countless satisfying vaping experiences.

How it all began

After years of development we are proud to look back and see how it all started


Final version


Handmade with love in Italy, convince yourself

It’s easy to give out 5 stars these days, but let me just say the guys at Inhale are truly 5 stars. Dedicated and passionate, I would buy from these guys anytime. The products they make are sublime and function beautifully. Craftsmanship like that will last a lifetime with the proper care from its user.


Beautiful products made by beautiful people for the discerning customer! As other reviewers say, a truly wonderful, passionate and ethical company to deal with. I'm so pleased to have the Vapmen in my life (yes, I have more than one!). Swift shipping to the UK.


Super fast shipping for an international delivery. Mind blowing product that leaves me amazed after every use. Amazing taste and very discreet. Get one now and start conserving green like you never imagined.