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Our story

Driven by our deep passion for herbs, we create the world’s most efficient and best tasting vaporizers for herbs and concentrates.

All our products are created with the experience of professionals and constantly improved by the perfectionism of enthusiasts. This uncompromising attitude made us achieve our unique character, unmatched vapor quality, and a history marked by knowledge and innovation.

The power of herbs

Uncompromising vapor quality and design motivate everything we do. We have a deep passion for building beautifully crafted, technically sophisticated vaporizing tools. Designed to be functional yet timeless, our vaporizers and grinders utilize only the finest materials and are engineered to last, creating the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort, efficiency and exceptional taste.

Sophisticated technology

Designing the ultimate vaping experience, while delivering best-in-class performance at every touch point.

Premium materials

Only the finest materials - supporting haptic, aesthetics and functionality. All from sustainable sources for a peace of mind.

Superior design and craftsmanship

Careful and intentional construction to create objects of lasting beauty.

Sophisticated technology

Designing the ultimate vaping experience, while delivering best-in-class performance at every touch point.

Premium materials

Only the finest materials - supporting haptic, aesthetics and functionality. All from sustainable sources for a peace of mind.

Superior design and craftsmanship

Careful and intentional construction to create objects of lasting beauty.

Here at INHALE, we combine decades of experience with advanced technical knowledge to break new ground in the pursuit of quality vapor. From an ingenious idea in the early 2000s, right up to what we feel is the best manual vaporizer today. With the smallest ecological footprint possible, we forge a path to excellence, crafting the vaporizer of the future while protecting the natural world that inspires us. 

Michael Mussner & David Haller - CEO's

Michael Mussner - CEO

We believe mastery is a never-ending exploration

Our philosophy

We pride ourselves on being unique and we stay true to our roots and don’t try to be something we’re not. We are a honest, hand crafted, quality thermal extraction device, driven by our strong guiding principles to become a business known for its honesty and authenticity.From our uncompromising product and our dedicated customer service, to our supplier selection and transparency. For us there is no end game. Every day we push ourselves to learn, pioneer and make a difference whilst staying true to who we are.


We blend our passion and knowledge with the best materials available to craft the next generation of thermal extractors. Our values have helped us to build a company that we're proud to run and work for, and we live by these values every day.


Because “first class vapor” is our mission, we put our passion into pushing the benchmark of vapor quality. By using the latest technologies, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve - to align our business with the very best…

Inhale Talk Vision and Brand Roots

Our History

the beginning

vapman was released in 2004, but its history began long before, in the late 90s in Biel, the center of the Swiss watchmaking industry, where the inventor René suddenly felt the urge to use his advanced technical knowledge to create a product, the use of which represents an added value for everyone. His passion for herbal medicine brought to his attention the, at that time still largely unknown, topic of "thermal extraction". He quickly realized the great potential of this principle. From then on, he put his full dedication into the development of a perfect vaporizer - this made him a pioneer in this sector.

vapman was born

At the turn of the century, his first vaporizer saw the light of the world. It was a tabletop model with a fixed power connection. René’s first idea for something portable came in the same year. It was a muscle powered device, it was already working fine, but he realized that this was not the final solution... So he came up with the jet lighter as a heat source and invented the first lighter-powered vaporizer.

Butane gas has a much higher energy storage capacity than batteries and generates heat much faster than an electric heater, and a purely mechanical construction is also much more durable. This makes the flame the perfect energy source for a vaporizer.

by Rene Balli

vapman launches in Switzerland

Some fine-tuning followed, and the vapman was finally ready for market release. At that time it was one of the first portable vaporizers on the market.

Especially through word-of-mouth advertising, it soon enjoyed a considerable reputation among vape enthusiasts. René, who himself has become a great lover of his vapman, continuously manufactures all the vapmans by himself.

by Steven Levin

lotus was born in California

Steven Levin, an engineer and inventor from California with a passion for herbal medicine, invented and patented the Lotus vaporizer. The unique design captivates both then and now with its ease of use and exquisite vapor quality. No other vape of this size manages to produce such good-tasting and vast clouds of vapor so quickly.
It was not without reason that Lotus soon enjoyed great popularity and a passionate fan base.

Launch of the vapman heating station

The idea for the heating station came about when a friend of Rene came to him and asked him to modify a soldering iron so that it could safely heat the vapman. As this worked quite well, Rene started the development together with the technical university in Biel. After two years of development, it was finally ready; it was perfect, and all the effort was worth it. However, due to a complicated technical problem, 5% of the first 500 heating stations had an issue that was hard to detect. Because the cause was not found, the station was discontinued.

Michael & David

we, two guys from the italian alps, followed our dreams & took over vapman

Because of our love for vapman, we have teamed up with René to give the vapman a worthy future. We are Michael & David, and with René as our mentor, we have taken the vapman once again under the microscope and improved it with final touches. Full of pride, we now offer you a new and more complete version of this beautiful creation. The production is now based in South Tyrol (Italy), not far from the birthplace of the vapman, in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Dolomites". Since our homeland is very dear to us, environmentally conscious actions are one of our top priorities. Of course, we will remain true to our roots and values and continue to provide you with nothing but the best.

Michael & David

a new chapter for lotus

In response to Steven's search for a successor to carry forth the legacy of Lotus, we eagerly stepped up to the challenge and embraced the opportunity to continue the journey of this remarkable brand. As long-standing enthusiasts of the Lotus, we recognized its unique qualities, particularly the expansive convection bowl, which we believed perfectly complemented the vapman.

Today, we stand both grateful and proud to be entrusted with the responsibility of bringing these two extraordinary products to the world. This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter where the Lotus and vapman unite under a shared vision, promising enthusiasts a harmonious blend of innovation, quality, and a unique vaping experience.

Michael & David

re-launch of the vapman heating station

With immense gratitude and pride, we announce the launch of the Vapman Heating Station, an innovation that seamlessly aligns with the sophistication and excellence synonymous with our brand. The Vapman Heating Station is not just a device; it's a testament to the commitment to quality and an embodiment of the unique ethos that defines Vapman. We are honored to introduce this exceptional product to the world, marking a significant moment in our journey. As we take this step forward, we invite enthusiasts to join us in celebrating the perfect synergy between Vapman and the newly introduced Heating Station, promising a revolutionized, unparalleled vaporizing experience.

Here's to the future of vaping excellence, where innovation meets tradition, and the I N H A L E legacy continues to thrive.