What is vaporizing and what advantages does it offer?

What is vaporizing and what advantages does it offer?


The term "vaporizing" has existed for a long time to refer to the physical phenomenon based on the release of water vapor. In recent years, the idea of heating herbs until the desired active ingredients vaporize instead of simply smoking them has emerged. Thus, no harmful substances are produced, only active ingredients. These are efficiently and quickly absorbed by the lungs and immediately enter the bloodstream. The effect is noticeable after just a few seconds, so dosing is very easy. Unlike smoking, vaporizing requires only a third of the plant amount. Vaporizing is a benefit for the lungs and respiratory tract. Inhaling the active ingredients is extremely pleasant, as cool fresh air is mixed with the hot vapors of the active ingredients. Because the vapor inhaled with a Vapman does not contain any harmful substances, the taste is also unadulterated and authentic.

It took a while for the idea to become established, but now its time has come and for good reason!

Here again is a brief overview of the advantages of vaporizing:

More intense
 Unlike smoke, there are far more active ingredients in vapor with a much higher density.
More efficient 
Vaporizing is much more efficient than smoking, because many of the active ingredients are not simply lost unused in the room air. The vapor of the vaporizer can also be inhaled deeper and longer than smoke per se, which again increases efficiency. From the efficiency and intensity logically follows the fact that less of the substance itself needs to be used and thus one can dose more sparingly. (Up to 70% less herbs need to be used). 
All the toxins found in smoking, such as tar or benzene, etc., are completely filtered out during vaporization.
Many active ingredients are vaporized and consequently inhaled only at a certain temperature. Unlike burning herbs, which lose many of their flavors when smoked, the pure, clean taste of the substance can be achieved through the vaporizer if the vaporization temperature is maintained.
Vaporizers basically leave behind only a few residual natural products that neither smell strongly nor make much mess. The vapor smell itself is short-lived and can be classified as rather mild. No more smelly ashtrays!
More hygienic
 Vaporizing is clean and can be done virtually anywhere, e.g. simply in the comfort of your home or car. There is no unpleasant smoke to bother others as well as no stench in the room to cling to furnishings or clothing.
there are no limits to the selection of substances that can be vaporized. 
More control 
more control of how much of a substance is absorbed. 

The right temperature is the key to effective vaporizing- It must be high enough for the vaporization of active substances to begin. At the same time, it must be low enough so that herbs are not BURNED, which would result in the emission of smoke. Obtaining such a temperature is not possible without a specially designed device for this purpose, which is a vaporizer (vapman).

What can be vaporized?
All natural substances that boil without decomposition can be vaporized. This is true for all known plants. Depending on the plant, different parts are used for vaporization, from the flower to the root. Plant mixtures are also suitable for inhalation.

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